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Beyond what I already see
I wear my yellow hard hat
to walk the fine line between 
performer & pedestrian
official & not
As I enter the space
I wonder if I will actually discover 
anything new today
How can I discover

I step into 
This familiar yet unfamiliar space
A metro station at its most basic
Yet as the binds
of social
expectation loosen
And time begins
to relax
I allow myself an
I never knew
could exist
Masses of rushing, bored,
blank faced commuters 
As I feel the edges 
of tiles
Draw my fingers along 
Rough to the touch
It all falls away
It is just me and 
the station
Through slowing down
and using my body
To touch
And feel
It as though I am
suddenly communicating
with this space
I feel lonely for the space
It sees so many people
But how many of them see it?

Our social obligations bind us to a prescribed form 
A form that does not include crawling
And feeling the tiled walls
How else 
do our 
social obligations 
bind us?

Release me from your grasp

Let me play

I let go and run
Skip through the

Hiding behind

And around
What was before mundane
Becomes a playground
With endless possibilities
The space seems to beg me
To play with it
Bringing into view
A side of life 
It rarely gets to experience
It is not actually
the space talking

I know this

But I still
welcome the

Tired of being

Conforming to
those blank

That rush past
Today I slowed down
Closed my eyes
And found an intimacy with you
With a metro station
A space that perhaps was never designed for
What I felt
But none the less
There I was
Holding you tight.

A creative work by Tricia Enns.